Solar Power Roof Panels

Solar power roof panels empowered homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints on earth by using this new technologies of harvesting the solar power to generate electricity.  Utilizing the eco-friendly roofing system will reduce the heating bill for sure.  This solar power panels comes in the form of asphalt shingles that have solar cells built into them.  It blends in with the design of your roofing materials and therefore, you will not have an unsightly solar panels sticking out from your roof top.

The new technology shingles are usually 12 inches wide by 86 inches and there are many other different sizes available too depending on your requirements.  However, from an installation standpoint, this size are manufactured in such a way that they will position and fit well with the shingles to create a harmony visual effect.

By using the solar power panels, you can save money in 3 ways over a period of time.  Firstly of all, you can get tax credit from the government or township or city for this green project to subsidize the upfront cost of material and installation.  Secondly, you will see the reduction of your electric bill.  And, thirdly, if you are in a tropical weather countries or regions, your solar panel might generate way much electricity surplus your own utilization and that will enable you to sell your excess power to the local utility company.  

If you are looking for some financial aids to start this green project, it will be easier than expected.  There are many lending and financial institutions favoring this project and thus, providing lower interest rates on a home improvements loan using solar energy.

The solar panels are made so well that they are hard to differentiate from the real shingles.  In the coming years, you will see more of these solar panels shingles appearing on not only the commercial and government buildings but, as well as residential areas.

Although it is more practical to install the solar power panels in the tropical countries or warmer regions like California, Arizona, Texas, Florida etc, surprisingly, there are more and more of these shingles are started to show up on home and businesses in the Northeastern States.  This is because of the efficiency of the solar energy reducing the utility bills overall and save money in long term besides the environmental friendly aspect. 

Even in the winter, it is known to at least generate 75% or more energy of respective needs.  The innovative design of these panels blend into the architecture of your home and known to do well in the older buildings in the city as well.   Nobody will notice that you are using the alternative energy and if so, its a good practice that you should be proud of. 

Solar panels now are thinner and much more power efficient. These photovoltaic roof panels look like an actual rooftop. The solar electric roof tiles actually work as roof tiles, shingles or slate tiles. The installation requires every single board to be wired up separately with an existing roof.  In another word, for practicality standpoint, it is more advisable to install in a brand new property with the rest of the whole house wiring process.

The cost of installation could range from 10 thousand for a small studio up to 200 thousand for a bigger house in order to be self sufficient and stand off the grid.  This is a long term investment if you are so decided to go into this direction. 

Before jumping into this new investment, you need to figure out which direction your home is facing in order to position correctly the best perspective for maximum efficiency.  You may need to adjust the angle of the panel making sure you get the highest possible sunlight during the day.