Metal or Tile Roofing?

After writing about my 2 top selections of Metal and Tile Roofing, let us dive into more details about these two criteria to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Both material has its advantages and disadvantages just like every product on the market.  Eventually, it is all comes down to what is best suited your budget, style of house, structural guidelines, restriction of your property, municipals regulations and other exterior factors.

Lets talk about the style of your home first.  Every house built with a certain characteristic, design and style.  Thus, the chosen roof need to suit the house to bring out the best.

An vintage Victorian house will need either a Terracotta or Galvanized roofing.  When you are replacing a new roof, you need to stick with the same range or material or go for a rich color scheme or pick a neutral and earthy choice to blend in with the house.  Otherwise, your house will look awkward and so as the price of your property.

If your house has a heritage overlay, the municipal usually has the final say to the type of roofing material in order to conform to the guidelines.  This is something you need to consider and get prior approval before diving into this project.

A house without a strong structural will collapse, so as your roof.  Structural factors are very important like the trusses brace that support the metal sheeting.  You need to discuss this with your roofing contractor when you would like to switch roofing materials especially from a tile to a metal.  In almost all roofing situation, the battens need to be replaced for proper installation especially for warranty requirements.

Lastly, we talk about your Budget.  Obviously this is the main determining point to which type of roofing material you will be using for replacement.

Switching from a roof tiles to metal can be extremely expensive.  The demolition and disposal of the material are not just labor intensive but time consuming.  In fact, the labor and material of a metal roofing is actually more expensive.  It has to be fully battened out using metal battens and a insulation foil is required for installation as well.

An easy swap from the old roof tile to a new concrete will be the most cost effective option.   Bear in mind that the price increases relatively on the higher quality of the concrete roof tile.

Terracotta tiles are more expensive yet even though it gives a nice rich color and style to your home.  A fully glazed Terracotta roof tile is the top of the range on the market but if cost is not an issue, why not?

At the end of the day, you are the master of your home.  You decide what to use after consulting with the professional roofing contractor.  They should be able to provide options, pros and cons and the best solution to fit your budget.