How To Find Roof Leakage

Depending on the degree of the roof damage, it is not always necessary mean that you need to replace the entire roofing system. Repair the roof of a private house is usually sufficient. However, it could be just a minor repair or costing you a bomb depending on the assessment of the damaged.

Here are the 2 steps to begin the roof repairing:
1. Roof inspection and assessment
2. The most common roof diseases

Target the attic first and carefully climb up there to investigate condition of the water-repellent layers, floors and rafters. Then, check whether it draws moisture from there, or mold has appeared. Should you witness some dark spots or the color of the board is faded, then, there is a possibility of high moisture has been trapped there.

Damp or wet ceilings and walls are the signs of old and damage roof. However, for some instances, the roof may not be the cause. There are also other possibilities that could cause the leakage for an example, the pipes for heating, sewage and water supply. In this case, the intermediate joint could be the culprit as the travel from the outer wall leading to the house. An internal roof test is best performed during heavy rain, after which the locations and causes of leaks can be determined more accurately.

Upon completion of the investigation of the external of the roof, then proceed inspection from the outside. First of all, it is necessary to inspect the roof system, in this case the nodes making sure the moisture-resistant layer is in order.

After that, look into the adjacent of roof connection to any vulnerable vertical parts such as the pipes where moisture is trapped. Thoroughly inspect the metal aprons surrounding it and proceed as it descending to the valleys. Maybe if you are lucky, you may find leaves and branches in it that need to be removed, and only then look at the element. Also check on the possibility of rotten cornice board regularly especially the bottom part of the cornice itself whether it is intact.

Next, you need to investigate the possible waste and blockage of the drainage system and ventilation ducts. Focus on every downspout, gutter and funnel. Remove the lichens and mosses that you have found while examining the roof slopes. Don’t overlook the tiny chips and cracks on the roof as well as bubbles, dents and holes because they could all be contributing to the root cause of leaking roof.

Infrared cameras are the new efficient way of finding leaks quickly and efficiently throughout the system of your entire house. You can consider hiring a professional roofer to do that for you too. Based on the data obtained from the equipment, they will provide you the estimate of labor and materials required to fix the roof.
It is advisable to carry out a roof check every year, best in the spring. Then in the summer, if necessary, it is possible to repair the roof of a private house by determining in advance what materials need the degree of repair.

The most common leaking roof causes are as follows.

# 1. Violations of the integrity of the roof.
# 2. Vertical Antennas, parapets and pipes that stick out from the joints of the roof from the walls.
# 3. Bad drainage system or any malfunction of the gutters.

The above 3 causes happened due to failure of the following.

First area to tackle is the fasteners and coating material for the roof. If they are of questionable quality, it is time to replace them.

Secondly, check if there is an integrity issue with the installation process of the roof. Excessive loads will destroy the roof.

If the drainage system of roof and gutter from ice and snow are not efficient, it can cause damaged unintentionally and cause it to collapse over time.
Watch out for fungi and moss that settle on the roof. Don’t overlook of the speed and extension of the destruction that could take place. To prolong the lifespan of the roof, it is mandatory to inspect the maintenance on the roof on a timely basis.

There is no guarantee of problem free roofing system with top notch good quality roofing material and a well-constructed roof, because over times, everything wears out and needs to be replaced or repaired.

From the above article, everything seems to be simple but in reality, finding the leaking point of the roof could be tacky and troublesome. Basically, anything is possible from the water droplets from the roof or leakage from the side of the wall to the water floats under the roof. At times, there could be no sign at all. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional roofer to perform a thorough check if you are unable to identify the problem after going through the entire process listed above.
Good Luck!