Advantage Of Flat Roof Extension

If you are considering an extension of your existing home, think about the flat roof and pitched roof options.  Both types have their advantages and disadvantages depending on individual requirements and taste.  I am here to bring out the pros and cons so that, you can make the final call!

Flat roof extension is best used for a small building like garages, conservatories, warehouse, storage facility, wood shop, craft room and ground floor addition.  The design is usually simple adding on to the buildings and mostly, its practicality of fitting the roof.

The flat roof is not only suitable for a smaller extensions, easy to installation, it is also very appealing to the eye.  This type of roofing does not has a dramatic effect and therefore, it will not change the overall outlook of your home and make it look like out of place.

Some will make the flat roof pitched slightly to allow rainwater and debris to clear easily.  This will prevent stale water from lying on the roof and cost damage in the long term.  The integrity of the roof will be preserved longer if draining is done properly.

Despite many other options of material can be used, EPDM is one of the best product on the market nowadays for flat roofing.  It is a synthetic rubber material that is known for its advantages including durability and low cost.  EPDM roofing material is good for water resistant, temperature fluctuation and even UV-rays.  It is highly crack resistant as well and can last up to 50 years or more.  This is a game changer in the roofing material.

The installation of the flat roofing is so much straight forward and the most economical option comparing with a pitched roof.  The architecture structure is simple and thus, very cost efficient.

Due to its simplicity of installation, normally a small extension can be completed in one day.  This is not saving your precious time but definitely a huge saving in labor if you are hiring a roofer.

The next big pro in a flat roof is the maintenance.  It is not a rocket sign in the installation process and therefore, you can handle some minor repairs yourself without forking out extra money down the road.

Now, let’s talk about the pitched roof.  The structure is complex and it usually requires a professional roofing contractor to perform the job with care.  For those Do It Yourself ” enthusiasts, installing or replacing pitched roof yourself is out of the discussion unless you know exactly what you are doing.  Bear in mind that the cost of repairing your self inflicted damage can burn a hole in your pocket.  

Nowadays, it is very easy to source for EPDM rubber roofing either online or locally.  They are a huge range of EDPM roofing membranes in the online store including the duoply products, flashing, seam tapes, adhesive, sealants, edge trims, drain outlets, ventilation, sheet metals etc. 

Order processing and shipping are seamless and fast.  Online store usually provide online customer support by email or just a phone call away.  They are usually well trained and will be able to give you the right recommendation for your needs.

In my opinion, the flat roof extension out weigh the advantages of a pitched roof for a small building.  The ultimate choice is still yours definitely.